Plant the seeds and let them grow.

Why invest to begin with? To secure the capital you need to achieve your own financial goals. Lose track of this kernel of truth, and most investors become their own worst enemies. They fail to plan, which leads to misguided decisions, which causes them to generate costs and miss out on available market returns.

At J.F. Williams Co., Inc. we care for your investment portfolio according to clear process, sensible investment strategy and elegant implementation, strictly guided by your personal goals and risk tolerances. We will:

  • Develop a written, personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to direct your asset management.
  • Build a customized portfolio according to your IPS.
  • Invest your assets according to our investment strategy.
  • Be up front with you about reasonable return expectations.
  • Share our informed understanding with you, so you can maintain a calm, confident, long-term mindset.
  • Meet with you at least annually to review your portfolio’s performance, revisit your financial affairs, and adjust as needed to keep you aligned with your goals.
  • Tightly integrate your portfolio with the rest of your financial planning and transition planning activities.