Our Client Pledge


  1. Our clients deserve our undivided attention.  
    That’s why our compensation model is fee-only, which means that our only source of revenue comes from the fees our clients pay us for the advice we provide. We accept no commissions or other third-party incentives that could distract us from our job.
  2. Our clients deserve the best advice we have to offer. 
    That’s why we are established as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm. Advice is considered so essential to the function of an RIA firm that we are obligated to serve our clients’ highest financial interests in a fiduciary relationship. In contrast, a non-fiduciary broker or agent dispenses advice as a secondary, “suitable” offering, often in an environment of undisclosed conflicts of interest. 
  3. Our clients deserve exceptional value for doing business with us.
    As described within our Investment Strategy, managing the costs of the investment experience is essential to expected outcomes. This includes ensuring that we are fair and upfront about our fees, so our clients can readily judge for themselves whether they’re getting their money’s worth – hopefully far more.
  4. Our clients deserve empathy and understanding.
    Financial acumen aside, money is often a source of personal stress and family discord. Handling the intellectual and emotional challenges can take a toll on even the most steadfast individuals. We get that. We focus on creating an environment inspired by financial know-how but nurtured by a deep respect and caring for our clients’ unique personalities and individual concerns. 
  5. Our clients deserve straight talk.
    And that’s what they’ll receive from us. We feel the best way we can help people manage their money to tend to their life is by advising them not only on what they want to hear, but sometimes on what they need to hear, to realistically pursue their personal financial goals.

This is our pledge to our clients and ourselves. If this sounds right to you, please be in touch, so we can continue the conversation.