Are we a good fit for you?

It’s impossible – and frankly, disingenuous – to try being all things to all people. J.F. Williams Co., Inc. has built our interests and areas of expertise around being the right fit for the right people. Our clients:

  • Consider our relationship a collaborative pursuit of their highest goals
  • Have a patient, long-term outlook, especially during market highs and lows
  • Appreciate caring, straightforward advice
  • Enjoy understanding (at least at a high level) how and why our capital markets work the way they do
  • Recognize the importance of applying that understanding to their investment activities
  • Think of their money as a means, not an end
  • Think of financial planning as a continuous process, not just a piece of paper
  • Feel free to call on us whenever questions or ideas arise about their financial, investment and related activities … or just to talk something through
  • Engage us in planning with their accountants, estate planning attorneys and other professional relationships

If these sorts of characteristics appeal to you, we hope you’ll be in touch with us to learn more.